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Dr.Lajiba was born on 23rd jan 2014 from the place gobichettipalayam a fomous Minikodampakkam for the kolly wood cinems.The founder is basically an Allopathic & Ophthalmic practitioner. He is very much of found of herbal medicines role in the human body without side effects.

Dr.Lajiba Birth is to make the world of well being. by making and spreading out the wonderful 100% herbal Medicated products. Dr.Lajiba tries to keep the world of well being for the existing & upcoming generation people.
“] [/nectar_icon_list_item][nectar_icon_list_item icon_type=”numerical” title=”List Item” id=”1556045396-2-69″ tab_id=”1556045412071-4″ header=”Why choose Dr.Lajiba” text=” We have TWO types of products
Ayurvedic Products
Allopathy Products

Common Cold
All types of Headache
Nose Block
Neck Pain
Back Pain
All type of Joint and Muscle pain reliever
Premature greying
Scalp infections
Promotes hair growth
Hair Vitalizer
Premature greying
Skin Allergy
Skin Acne / Boils
Anti Fungal / Anti Bacterial

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How long is the Distribution term for? Lifetime
Is the term renewable? Yes”][/nectar_icon_list_item][/nectar_icon_list]

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